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Course Outline

Things You Will Learn

We cover the basics to create a base for you before starting your dropshipping career. Before starting your dropshipping career, you will get to know which platforms to use, the ins and outs of dropshipping, how dropshipping is beneficial, and all the other aspects of it.
Product Hunting
Dropshipping is incomplete without product hunting. Product hunting is the core of dropshipping, and everything relies on choosing the right product. You will learn to select the best product which can be better used for dropshipping model and give you outstanding results when the sale starts. You will also learn about different market analysis tools that will help you choose the perfect products each time you start a new project.
Walmart & Samsclub ID Creation
In a dropshipping model, it is essential to have accounts on Walmart & Samsclub. You will learn how to create your accounts on these platforms along with utilizing these platforms to help you in your dropshipping career.
Order Processing & Management
After choosing the right product and the sale starts, it is crucial to manage those orders and process them. You will learn how to process orders and manage your account to get the best results. You will also learn about working your account, processing transactions, and ensuring the customers get the proper orders with suitable products.
Listing Creation
The critical part of a successful dropshipping model has a listing that can convert and deliver excellent sales. You will learn how to create and list the products with the optimized info and win the BUY box on the product page.
Dropshipping Friendly Distributors
There is no stock you will need to ship to buyers in the dropshipping model, and you will have to source it. You will learn to find the right distributors or product suppliers that are dropshipping friendly and won't have an issue sending products to buyers.
Amazon Account Creation & Company Formation
An Amazon account and company registration are essential for a running dropshipping model. You will learn how to create your Amazon account and create your company while living in Pakistan. You will also have an active bank account attached to your registered company.
Advance Product Hunting Techniques
The next level of product hunting is to find the best-selling products with the help of market analysis and dedicated tools. You will learn to find the product that can give you great results and be perfect for the dropshipping model.
Suspension Management & Account Health Management
When the sale starts in a dropshipping model, it is essential to have the account properly up and running without being suspended. You will learn how to manage your Amazon account and your account health so it is always up and working without any issues.


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